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Sticking out from the crowd is a common struggle that many eCommerce stores face. The problem becomes even more apparent when you are marketing to young, tech-savvy customers who expect more than just an average online shopping experience from the eCommerce store. Small Town Faith has carved itself into a highly popular niche market retailing its wears to audiences looking for something different.

Business Goal

The main objective of the business was to provide the users with a seamless and hassle-free e-shopping experience. Hence, to meet this business goal, the brand approached True Mobile Apps to develop an application that navigates the users through a seamless experience of shopping online with just a few clicks. The company also aimed to generate more revenues for the business by providing an enhanced customer experience.
Benefits of Small-town faith
Through the Small-town Faith mobile application, customers can get online access to the store, browse through the listings, and place orders in just a few clicks through their mobile phones. The brand has provided solutions for individuals who are seeking a clothing style that is a perfect blend of class and craftsmanship, whereas the application has made shopping easier and simpler!

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge we faced was to draw the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

• Personalized Suggestions

The brand asked us to incorporate a personalized suggestions option that would be based upon the users’ habits, buying trends, and interests.

One-Click Payment

The payment method was kept as simple as possible to provide the shoppers with a seamless and easy checkout system.

• Order Tracking

Staying on top of your order and when it arrives is a big part of what makes you reliable as an e-commerce platform.
We helped Small-Town Faith take their brick-and-mortar store to the digital world as, during the pandemic, the need for an online store was necessary and inevitable.

• Personalized Suggestions

The app makes personalized suggestions based on user habits and buying trends. The option appears in the cart tab just when the shopper is about to make the purchase.

• One-Click Payment

The payment option is accessible in the shopping cart. One-click payment ensures that the app saves all the billing and card details so that the user does not have to enter the details every time he/she has to place an order.

• Order Tracking

We developed the application so that it provides maximum transparency when ordering a product. The tracking process is entirely visible to the user, making the platform more reliable.


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Visual Design

Technologies Applied

  • Node.js

  • Angular

  • Mango DB

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

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