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About Pink

Pink Poppy is a clothing brand that has set itself apart to be different from others since the beginning. The store aims to cater to audiences looking for an elegant-yet-chic style of clothing and accessories. The brand sets out to stretch its audience fun, cool and distinctive apparel that integrates all aspects of youth culture.

Project Overview

The objective of Pink Poppy was to increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction by providing them with a seamless e-shopping experience. In order to thrive in the eCommerce industry, every eCommerce business needs a high volume of sales and organic traffic, and the application we developed for the brand achieves just that.
Benefits of Pink Poppy Mobile Application
With the onset of COVID-19, people were forced to stay inside, which led businesses to shift towards the online medium in order to survive. Because of this, the need for online retailing increased drastically. In this regard, Pink Poppy’s mobile application allows people to access the store to browse the listings, as well as place orders for products via their mobile devices, at the comfort of their homes. The platform helps the users to place their orders conveniently wherever they want as per their convenience.

Challenges & Solutions

True Mobile Apps collaborated with Pink Poppy from the beginning to understand and envision the requirements of the client. Below are the few challenges that were to be taken care of:

• User Interface & Experience

A responsive layout was required that would be compatible with various devices, operating systems, and screen sizes.

• Unique Features

Determining the flow and producing the wireframes based on the client’s notions for unique features such as intuitive search, shopping cart system, third-party app integrations, and much more.

• Data Security

The increase in online retailing has increased the concerns about security threats. There is a looming threat of hacking, fraud, and stealing confidential data.
True Mobile Apps team went through a detailed analysis and planned a custom approach to develop effective solutions that would fulfill the client’s business requirements.

• User Interface & Experience

We created a clean, simple, and interactive mobile application that customers can navigate easily. With a slick and interactive design, the user knows exactly where to go and what to do. Moreover, the application was responsive across all devices and operating systems such as Android & iOS.

• Unique Features

We optimized the application to deliver complete consistency between search options, various shopping pages, and shipping details. It had unique features like user profile creation, cart system, Wishlist, product listings, discounts, and promotional offer coupons, donation link, multiple payment integrations, rating & review system.

• Data Security

We used HTTPS protocols, using credible third-party payment processing systems, and obtained a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accreditation. Firewall software and plugins that shelter from SQL injections and cross-site scripting were also applied for evading suspicious networks while allowing reliable traffic onto the website.


  • User

  • Quick

  • Reviews
    & Feedbacls

  • Shopping

  • Coutomer

  • Search

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Payment

  • Price


Visual Design

Technologies Applied

  • Node.js

  • Angular

  • Mango DB

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

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