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Tribe 228 offers unique African-inspired clothing range influenced by the mesmerizing patterns of Togolese culture with a tinge of western Africa’s fashion and culture. The brand is committed to delivering its customers with more than just clothing. It offers a unique way of life, community, and the trends of breathtaking Africa. The brand approached True Mobile Apps to develop its e-store application from scratch, and we helped them with that! Our Focus was the design and development of an application that transcended boundaries in fashion and heritage globally while bringing the gorgeous art of Africa and the Togolese culture everywhere.

Business Goal

The objective of the Tribe 228 website and mobile application that we built was to increase the sales and ensure that the sales remain continuous and constant for their eCommerce business. In order to thrive in the eCommerce industry, the company needed to boost its sales. All other objectives zeroed down to make this objective happen.
The primary purpose of the platform that we built was to market a platform that sells clothing and makes users familiar with the African and Togolese heritage and culture. The application aimed to enable the clients to shop online and help the brand in becoming a truly global retail brand by retaining their No.1 position in the organized retail sector of the regions they operate in.
Benefits of Tribe 228
The E-commerce platforms that we created enabled customers access to the online store to browse through and place orders for products or services via their own devices. Tribe 228 helps users from around the world to place their orders conveniently and get delivered around the globe. The platform also includes a rent module that lets the user rent the clothing at their convenience.

Challenges & Solutions

The company wanted us to create an easy to navigate and user-friendly application with modern eCommerce app features.

• Product Categorization.

For customers looking for specific products or who want to search for items category-wise, product categorization was required by the brand.

• Shopping Cart

If clients want to purchase multiple items at once, they can add all the items to their cart.

• Quick Order

To prevent people from abandoning their product-filled carts, quick ordering feature is essential.
We created an exceptional shopping experience for the customers of Tribe 228 using different technologies such as Node.js, Angular, Mango DB, HTML 5, and JavaScript.

• Product Categorization

We integrated product categories feature for customers to easily find products under the specified category and find alternatives too.

• Shopping Cart

If your customers want to buy multiple products simultaneously, they can add the items into their card and browse product details, pricing, choose the quantity, and checkout.

• Quick Order

The quick order feature allows the customer to place an order quickly, in just a few clicks. This feature is great for frequent buyers as they just need to enter the product code and quantity, add to card, and proceed with the checkout.


  • User

  • Quick

  • Reviews
    & Feedbacls

  • Shopping

  • Coutomer

  • Search

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Payment

  • Price


Visual Design

Technologies Applied

  • Node.js

  • Angular

  • Mango DB

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

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